Finding My Local Tax Office

Tax Office locations

You can quickly & easily find your local Tax Office on GovLocations.UK – use their search function to type in your address, and you should be taken to details of your nearest Tax Office or HMRC address.

If you search on the HMRC website for your local tax office, you will instantly be presented with five options. The five options are as follows: individual tax enquiries, employer enquiries, corporation tax enquiries, self-employed tax enquiries and agents enquiries. They are all dealt with by the Tax Office contact number.

Importantly, the first two options (if clicked on) will direct you to the HMRC website whereby instructions get given for you to contact them. Contacts options are via e-mail, telephone or by snail mail. The web page also displays the HMRC opening hours if you intend to you the telephone to contact them. The page also advises customers to look at HMRC’s homepage carefully prior to contacting them through the channels mentioned above.

If ‘self-employed tax enquiries’ is clicked on, then you are directed to a webpage whereby you can locate your local tax office by inputting either your town, postcode or your three-digit tax code. Therefore, you will be able to contact your local tax office instead or to go through the main HMRC contact routes.

The ‘corporation tax enquiries’ link takes you to a similar page, but you can search for your local tax office by inputting your three-digit tax code. Furthermore, if you click on the ‘agents enquiries’ then you will be able to locate your local tax office by inputting your employer reference.

Further Information on Locating Your Local Tax Office will also help you locate newly-opened piloted scheme ‘Enquiry Centres’ for those who are in need of extra help in the North East of England. These enquiry centres are an essential port of call if you are unsure of with HMRC. Appointments can be made to discuss your personal details. However, these pilot centres will close June 3rd, 2014 and customers are advised to go through the links mentioned above.

Other options

If you are still unsure of how to navigate the HMRC’s website, then you can always go through the local white/yellow pages and locate your local tax office that way. Contacting the operator or your local council via telephone should also be considered if you are struggling to find your local tax office.

Need to speak to someone about your tax issues? These all connection phone numbers may be able to help.

Department Call connection phone number
Central Tax Office 0843 509 2440
HM Revenue & Customs 0843 506 0281
Income Tax 0843 504 8335
Tax Code 0843 504 0106
Corporation Tax 0843 504 0052
Tax Credits 0843 509 2578
Inheritance Tax 0843 506 0299
Tax Rebate 0843 509 2577
Child Tax Credit 0843 509 2445
Working Tax Credit 0843 509 2443